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How to Apply for a Visa to Brazil

I received my first visa for Brazil today!

As the process was new to me and there was quite a bit involved I thought I'd outline the requirements in this post.

For all the information about the process and the link to the application form visit the Embassy of Brazil in Canberra.

Please check the site very carefully as the rules could change and there are additional requirements you may need to comply with if you are under 18 or travelling with children.

The website says the process could take up to 90 days which was a little concerning as I didn't have that long when I applied. The Brazilian consulate in Canberra was noted as having a general processing time of 15 days and in my case everything was processed within a week. I did send the application in an express post envelope and also included an express post envelope for the embassy to use to reply to me.

I recommend having all the items below ready before you start filling out the online form and completing the online application in one process:

1) Passport - with at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages + scanned copy to upload with application

2) Itinerary - on travel company letterhead showing the dates you'll be in Brazil, your arrival and departure plans - you need a soft copy to upload and a printed copy to post

3) Bank or credit card statement to show you have enough funds (at least $100 per day) to support yourself - you need a soft copy to upload and a printed copy to post

4) Other ID - I used my Drivers Licence - you need a soft copy to upload and printed copy to post

5) Money order or bank cheque for the visa fee, which for Australian residents is currently $216.

6) Recent passport photo + scanned copy of the passport photo at least 413 x 531 pixels to upload to the online application

7) Scanned copy of your signature to upload online at least 420 x 240 pixels.

8) Printed copy of the visa request form (printed after the online application is completed) + you'll paste the passport photo on to this and sign the form

9) Registered express post envelope to send all the docs to the embassy (express post and registration not essential but I recommend it)

10) Registered express post envelope to include in the package so the embassy can return the docs to you (again, express post and registration not essential but I recommend it as it ensures faster delivery, the parcel is tracked and it has to be signed for).

I am delighted to have got the visa. The only thing I'm disappointed about is that I've realised on our trip I think we will actually only be spending about 3 hours in Brazil!

Unfortunately due to a lack of time we are only able to visit Brazil to see Iguazu Falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides and we will be spending a couple of nights in the Iguazu National Park as well.

I hope that perhaps at another point in the future I will get another visa for Brazil and be able to explore more of this incredible country.

#visa #brazil

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