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Hacienda Bar Sydney

There is no doubt that there are many amazing places to see fabulous harbour views in Sydney.

It can be more challenging however, to work out the right location to take an overseas visitor on a rainy day, which led me to visit the Hacienda Bar in Sydney for the first time this February.

Located at Circular Quay it has excellent harbour views which would naturally be stunning on a beautiful day. On this particularly wet, stormy day we were happily surprised to find that it was also the perfect spot to sit in a comfortable, warm space, where we could enjoy both the harbour and the storm.

We loved our cocktails, I enjoyed the Tapioca cheese bites and we happily shared a lovely bottle of Prosecco.

It was an extremely enjoyable afternoon.

The address is 61 Macquarie St and yes, it is inside the hotel. We were a little uncertain of this initially and had to check with reception!

#HaciendaBar #Sydney

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