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Finding The Best Travel Sim Card

I was researching international travel sims as I have an upcoming trip.

In the past when I’ve used my phone I’ve used the international roaming through my carrier which is useful but very expensive. Due to the cost I’d limited contact with friends and family when travelling and would prefer not to do this. I also communicate a lot more via apps these days and wanted to be able to do that with unlimited data.

The best option I’ve found so far is Ping, they seem to be quite new to the market and I couldn’t find any external reviews. As the product looks very promising, I’ve taken a chance on it and ordered it anyway.

I will test it at home before my trip which is in April and see how it goes on the trip and provide some additional feedback after trialling it.

Why I’ve chosen it:

  • Free to get Sim

  • Instant messaging on mainstream apps in 160 countries for USD 30c a day

  • Mainstream apps include Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Skype.

  • $12 (USD) credit paid on ordering which can be used as credit

  • $1.50 (USD) for delivery to Australia where delivery could take up to 30 days (you can pay more for faster delivery)

  • Unlimited messaging or near unlimited, with very generous daily allowances & only USD $1 per day for extra credit if needed.

  • Example of daily app messaging allowance for Peru: 3000 messages or 40 photos or 7 videos or 20 min call

  • Extra $ can be added and used as credit for normal phone calls and SMS as well

If anyone has purchased Ping, used it and has feedback they’d like to share with me, please get in touch via the website or facebook.

Similarly, if anyone has found a better travel sim product please let me know.

Edit 6th August 2017

I used the sim on my trip to South America and whilst it was great for ensuring I didn't get any unexpected bills, it did not work as well as I'd hoped, it seemed to be hard to connect to wifi in quite a few of the locations we stayed - whether that was the card, the locations or issues with the older phone handset I was using, I don't know.

Very importantly on the 4th August I received an email saying that all roaming services provided by Forbesfone will be suspended as of 31st August 2017, so this sim option would no longer be viable and I will be looking for a new option before future trips.


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