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22 Photos of the Scottish Highlands 2018

When we visited Scotland (my first trip) in the last week of February 2018 we knew it could snow even though we were on the brink of spring. However, nothing could have prepared us for the unprecedented weather that came while we were there - with Scotland at one stage being on a red alert for the first time in history!

After landing in Aberdeen we drove to Stonehaven for lunch and over the next few days in the highlands we saw some beautiful scenery, that initially only became more beautiful as the snowfall become heavier.

For 5 nights we stayed at Craigendarroch Owner's Club in Royal Deeside Aberdeenshire which was lovely. From there we visited Loch Muick, Loch Ness, Inverness, Ballatar and Braemar.

Scarily we had to drive in amber alert conditions from the highlands to Edinburgh for our flight to London. The journey should have taken about 2.5 hours and it took us 6 as we drove in the snow on icy roads with terrible visibility. It was a real relief to arrive safely although unfortunately we had no time to explore this lovely city - hopefully on another trip I will get to explore Edinburgh.

#Scotland #CraigendarrochOwner39sClub

Deeply inspired by travel, animals and nature I am always seeking new opportunities to explore our amazing planet.

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