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22 Essential Skincare & Makeup Products To Pack

Packing toiletries for travel can be a significant challenge as there are so many products to potentially take, they can take up a lot of room and they can add quite a bit of weight to our bags.

Only a week back from a month away and already thinking about packing for my trip to Thailand later this year, I've put together a list of essential items to pack and included links to some of my favourite natural skincare and makeup products.

All skincare and makeup items pictured are World Organics as I became a consultant with them almost 2 years ago. I love high-quality, effective, natural and organic products that are better for us and our environment.

11 Carry-On Skincare & Makeup Essentials

For long haul flights with multiple connections I like to be able to shower and change after the longest leg whenever possible and these are the 11 essential items I would carry with me.

All carry on items need to be under 100ml and be able to fit easily in one clear bag 20cm by 20cm.

  1. Cleanser e.g. Vegan Certified Juniper Berry Face Wash 80ml

  2. Face Moisturiser e.g. Vegan Certified Heavenly Rose Moisturiser 60ml

  3. Foundation

  4. Mascara e.g. 100% Natural, Vegan Certified Black Mascara

  5. Lipstick

  6. Eye Cream e.g. Vegan Certified Replenish Revival Eye Cream 15ml

  7. Hand Cream e.g. Vegan Certified Pomegranate & Shea Hand Cream 50ml

  8. Deodorant e.g. 100% Natural Coconut and Lavender Deodorant Stick 82g

  9. Toothbrush

  10. Travel toothpaste

  11. Eye drops

After showering I'd use a little of the hand cream in lieu of body moisturiser where required.

Eye-cream may not be considered essential by many but I increasingly find travel drys out my skin substantially, particularly around my eyes so I regularly re-apply eye-cream to help counteract this on long flights.

11 Checked-Luggage Skincare & Makeup Essentials

  1. Exfoliant e.g. Vegan Certified Bamboo and Shea Face Exfoliant

  2. Body Moisturiser e.g. Vegan Certified Rejuvenate Body Lotion 150ml

  3. Body Bronzer e.g. 100% Natural, Vegan Certified Self-Tanning Cream 150ml

  4. Sunscreen e.g. SPF30 100% Natural Sunscreen 82g

  5. Face Powder

  6. Eyeshadow

  7. Shower Gel

  8. Shampoo

  9. Conditioner

  10. Leave in Conditioner or Smoothing Serum

  11. Air-freshener

Depending on your holiday style and location shower gel, shampoo and conditioner may be supplied in your accommodation but sometimes they are not, so it is always a good idea to pack some in your luggage. If you buy large bottles at home you can purchase some clear, small, refillable travel bottles and pour a small quantity into these to take with you.

I do not normally pack Body Bronzer but I will be going to Thailand in October and intend to use this natural self-tan in the lead up to the trip and while I'm away so I think it may become an essential item for summer holidays.

I expect air-freshener is a surprise for many readers and I have only been packing that for about 18 months. On a previous trip both my mother and aunt had packed air-freshener for our family trip and I've travelled with it ever since. My favourite is the Orange Power Orange Oil 125mL Air-Freshener endorsed by Planet Ark.

3 Value Packs

Base Camp Set

  • Freshness Juniper Berry Face Wash 80ml

  • Luminous Rosehip and Orange Moisturiser 60ml

  • Brightening Almond Seed Exfoliant 50ml

AUD $120 - Jasmine Club $96

Rejuvenate Body Essentials Set

  • Moisture Me Body Lotion 150ml

  • SPF30+ UVA and UVB 82g

  • Naturally Bronzed Self Tanning Cream 150ml

  • Coconut and Lavender Deodorant Stick 82g

AUD $150 - Jasmine Club $120

Makeup Set Makeup Essentials

  • Mascara

  • Foundation, choosing from 7 different shades

  • 4 Pod Palette, selecting from 26 pod options including concealers, luminisers, lip colours and cream eye shadows

AUD $175 - Jasmine Club $140

Shopping Notes

Every month all World Organics orders over $99 receive a free product.

For value packs I've listed the AUD retail price at the time of writing and the Jasmine Club AUD price. All shoppers that spend $150 with World Organics automatically become a Jasmine Club member and any subsequent orders you place in the next 12 months are available at 20% off.

Global shipping is $5.50 per order, however all orders over $150 qualify for free shipping.

If you have questions about any of the World Organics products, if you would like any help ordering or you would like some specific suggestions for your skin type or if you'd like to share some travel skincare tips, please get in touch.

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Deeply inspired by travel, animals and nature I am always seeking new opportunities to explore our amazing planet.

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